Rules for Inclusion in the Archive

This page describes the type of material which may be added to this archive.

  1. Files and Links
    There are two kinds of entries in this archive: files, which reside on the archive site itself, and links, which point to material located elsewhere on the web. Both have the same descriptive information in the archive index, and both can be searched for using the archive search engine. At present, only text files may be stored on the archive site. Links may point to text, images, or videos.

    If you are adding a link to the archive, please verify that the link is correct and that it is to a location which allows direct linking. (Many sites, for instance, will not allow direct linking to an image file, but do allow you to link to the page upon which the image appears.)

    All links in the archive will be reviewed periodically, and links which are not working will be deleted.

  2. Content
    Criteria for inclusion in this archive are as follows:

    • The archive accepts fan fiction, artwork, and other fan-created material based on the television show The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

    • The archive accepts gen, het, and slash fiction of any rating.
      Note: If you have a slash story, there is a large and popular MFU slash archive at the Chrome & Gunmetal Madhouse. Your story will probably get the best visibility if you archive it there, but if you do, please also add a link to it here on MFUArchive, so people will be able to find it through this site. Or, you can archive the story itself in both places, whichever you prefer.

    • The archive does NOT accept any fiction which presents fictionalized versions of the private lives of contemporary real people: no Real Person Fiction/Real Person Slash. Real people may be used as supporting characters in stories as long as the story focuses on their public or professional lives, not their private lives.

    If you are not certain whether a particular item is appropriate for this archive, feel free to ask. The archivist reserves the right to allow or disallow any submissions.

  3. Ratings & Content Notices
    The archive accepts adult material, but all submissions must be rated appropriately in the Rating field of the upload form. The archivist may modify the rating of an entry if its original rating is found to be inappropriate. See the Ratings help file for guidelines on choosing a rating.

    The Content Notices field is used in conjunction with the rating to indicate sensitive subject matter in an archive entry. Use of the notices is optional, but encouraged for material given a Restricted or Adult rating.

  4. Ownership
    Anyone may add a link to the archive. For archiving files, however, I ask that the submitter be the author of the material or have permission from the author to archive here.

  5. Modifying an Entry
    Users cannot directly modify archived files. However, if you are the author and need to change a field on your file (such as changing the Status from In Progress to Complete), or you wish to submit a revised version of the story, please contact the archivist to have this done.